The Rift Valley Resource Centre was created to foster learning and exchange opportunities for students and volunteers from around the world.

Contact us and we can custom tailor a volunteer experience to match your skill set. You can volunteer at a local school, medical clinic or work with a women’s group to identify and launch a business venture.

Perhaps you might wish to roll up your sleeves and join the local well drilling team we have trained. Using the “Village Drill”, our volunteers have installed wells for a variety of schools and communities that did not have access to a safe year-round water supply.

Perhaps you are a university co-op student who would like to do your co-op placement in Kenya or you may be on a gap year looking to gain experience in field of international development. We have the experience and knowledge to help create a once in a lifetime field placement.

One of our University of Waterloo co-op students. Michael Stewart, captured this youtube video during his placement at the resource centre.  It went viral and has over 6 million views.  Just one of the many examples of adventures you may have while learning here in Kenya!